The Real Truth of SEO: Ultimately Subjectivity wins over Objectivity
Truth of SEO


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Let’s get this straight; there is no equation for bringing your website to the front. 1+2 is always 3, but no one has ever found what 1, 2, or 3 are when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. That’s the truth of SEO. There are no fixed type of ingredients and a set number of them that will give the most significant web presence that you are seeking. Even the end goal is not defined on the internet as it is ever increasing in the technology space. So stop looking for a formula that can get you there.

Different successful businesses reached to the top by following different ways. So ultimately, the right subjective decisions you make to get your website rank higher is what is going to push you somewhere. Focus on the value or substance you are offering at your website. People can smell from far away when you are not true to yourself and trying hard with technical optimization. The base of your truth of SEO strategy needs to be about sharing something valuable on your website that is offered nowhere or scantly on the internet. Here are tips that will offer you an edge on the internet to win over others and get naturally noticed by Google.

Truth of SEO: Check what the most successful competitors in your business are doing.

Stop trying to find the one secret strategy or formula that will make your website a famous buzz the next day, next week, next month, or even in a year. Nothing as such exists. Check your competitors to know why they are popular, take inspiration from them, and try to do better. If a page has gone viral, check out why and see if you can offer more excellent value than the existing one in your perspective. Again this might not immediately put your content over the competitors as Google has marked them credible because of their regular posts and being online for years. When you are starting, it takes time to gain respect from Google. When you post regularly, Google slowly starts to believe in you. After performing this for a while, you will rank higher and begin to gain more and more visitors.

Truth of SEO: Offer something that’s almost not there on the internet.

Although the internet is so vast, there are still voids. There are topics on which information doesn’t exist or sparsely exits. You can fill this void by being the first one to offer detailed information. For example, if your website works in technology space, new products are launched almost every day. Get hands-on a new product and share its review with images. The chance of that page ranking higher is more significantly higher. People who were finding it challenging to find information on a particular subject will thank your website by leaving a comment. They could even end up bookmarking your website on their browser.

These Truth of SEO insights are shared nowhere on the internet. We at Rock Hill SC SEO Services are a group of early pioneers and modern SEO experts. Some of us started the SEO work during the years of the Dotcom bubble and burst. Since then, we have evolved so far ahead of any newly sprawling SEO firm on the internet.